Hiking @ Taman Tugu

Brief Information

Taman Tugu is a forest reserve park located north of Taman Botani Perdana (Perdana Botanical Gardens) in the heart of KL. Those who have been to Taman Botani for morning exercise can expand their workout to Taman Tugu. The park was opened back in September 2018 but as of the time I visited only phase 1 and 2 were open for hiking. Phase 3 which would add a further few km of trails should be scheduled to complete by 2020.

My Experience

If you are looking for a family-friendly place to hike, Taman Tugu would definitely be at the top of the list. I’ll let the photos do the talking.


Proper toilet and rest area available beside the parking lot


Nicely built steps and wide pathways
It’s difficult to get lost as there are numbered checkpoints, maps and emergency contacts available throughout
There are plenty of ‘Fact boards’ you can read throughout the area
You can detour to the secondary trails by following the red trails on the map
Add Taman Tugu to the ‘To Do’ list of couple activities in KL
Insta-worthy Gazebo



My hike was just about an hour long going through phase 1, 2 and even a detour off phase 2. I’ll definitely come back once phase 3 is completed.

What to bring/wear?

Comfortable clothing or sports wear

Jo’s ratings (ratings are subjective and biased towards participants’ experience)

  • Accessibility: 10/10

There is an allocated parking lot with ample spaces

  • Difficulty: 2/10

With properly built pathways and not much elevation makes Taman Tugu an enjoyable stroll in the forest

  • Rewarding Experience: 5/10

This is a great place if you’re looking for a short getaway into the woods. It is a beautiful and well planned forest reserve park

  • Overall Rating: 6/10

Overall Taman Tugu is family-friendly and a relatively simple hike within the city. It was wonderful to see parents bring their kids to nature.

Additional Information

Opening hours: 7am to 6.30pm daily

Check out their website: https://tamantuguproject.com.my/en/

You can do your part to contribute to the Taman Tugu Project which aims to provide maintenance of the park and conservation of public green spaces. More info on their website.

Getting there

Just waze Taman Tugu Nursery and it will lead you to the entrance

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