Waterfall Abseiling @ Sungai Pisang, Gombak

Brief Information The Sungai Pisang (Pisang River) waterfall is an approximately 20 meter triplet vertical fall along Sungai Pisang which is the greater part of Sungai Gombak near the Karak Highway. The entrance point to this hike typically begins at the Recreational Centre off Jalan Gombak after the Jabatan Kemajuan Orang Asli (JAKOA) museum. My... Continue Reading →

Hiking at Bukit Gasing

Brief Information The Bukit Gasing forest reserve is approximately 250 acres in size and sits along the boundary of Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. A land which was once a rubber estate around 50 to 60 years ago is now colonised by the force of nature, thereby offering an opportunity to experience a secondary forest; the... Continue Reading →

ATV @ ATV Adventure Park Malaysia (Package B)

Brief Information All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) is a four-wheeled motorbike capable of reaching speeds of 60-120km/h depending on engine capacity. ATV Adventure Park is located at Kampung Kemensah, Hulu Kelang; or just a short distance from Zoo Negara and thus only approximately 20 minutes from the city centre. The park offers a variety of jungle... Continue Reading →

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