ATV @ ATV Adventure Park Malaysia (Package B)

Brief Information

All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) is a four-wheeled motorbike capable of reaching speeds of 60-120km/h depending on engine capacity. ATV Adventure Park is located at Kampung Kemensah, Hulu Kelang; or just a short distance from Zoo Negara and thus only approximately 20 minutes from the city centre. The park offers a variety of jungle trail packages for both seasoned riders as well as first-timers seeking thrill from an ATV adventure.

My Experience

Who would’ve thought that there’d be something as awesome as an ATV adventure in the jungle at the fringe of the city? If you were to search for ATV in Malaysia online, I’m almost certain that ATV Adventure Park is the first to appear on that list. It’s hardly surprising as this place has been around for more than 6 years and owned by Encik Mas Fadzillah who has had more than 20 years of motoring experience.



I like to start adventures early in the morning so naturally I booked the earliest time to start which was 9am. You could choose from five different timings to begin as well as five different packages which you can check out on their website link provided below. I booked the most popular package (Package B) which was RM100 for a 1 – 1.5 hour journey to a 7-tier waterfall. So it all unfolded with a crucial safety and technical briefing by Encik Mas himself at 9am.


There were three groups or around 32 people including those from my side that Sunday morning, so it’s best to make reservations in advance. I have to mention that the gathering area, toilets, and shower rooms were clean and well maintained; thumbs up for that.


All prepped up and ready to go!
All prepped up and ready to go!

After getting on our bikes, we were eagerly waiting to experience our first ATV trial ride around the centre. Engine ignition, revving, exhaust fumes, sweat and adrenaline, all part of the ATV package!


The trial run around the centre was a great way to get used to rugged terrains which we would be exposed to in the jungle; you could literally feel every single rock and bumps on the ground, and you’ve to simultaneously keep a steady arm to maintain control over your ride.

Following the trial run, we were all set to take on the jungle, VROOM VROOM!
Following the trial run, we were all set to take on the jungle, VROOM VROOM!

We started off with what I felt was the most challenging terrain of the journey; climbing an approximately 45 degree incline. This is where you can test the sheer power of an ATV! I was amazed by the amount of thrust it can create as I almost fell off the bike at this point (LOL). Do be careful not to over-rev as you may risk topping-over should you mishandle the bike or hit any rocks. The remaining journey to the waterfall would see you through uphill climbs, crossing small mud puddles, ducking through head severing branches, and maneuvering over a tiny bridge.

Ribbet collage6

Upon reaching our destination, we were given half an hour to chill at the 7-tier waterfall which was actually part of the total 1.5 hour package. From where we entered I could only see up to 3-tiers, it was pleasant but wasn’t something to “wow” about like ‘chilling’ or ‘perting’ waterfalls (of course it’ll be different if I could see the whole 7-tiers). I was quite upset to see many empty water bottles strewn all over the ground of the site; I do hope they clear them up by day end. Anyhow, waterfalls always make nice backdrops for photos.


After half an hour of nature appreciation, it was time to head back. The return journey was rather quick as it was faster going downhill and we were able to make it back within 20 minutes. Although I must say it was fun to let the rider in front of you to proceed so as to create a large gap, then play catch up by revving the life out of the machine; that way you can really feel the thrill of speeding on rough jungle terrains (J); of course without the guide’s notice. Back at the centre, there are facilities for you to wash up and soft drinks for refreshments.


Reflecting on the ATV adventure, if you’re not the type who likes to trek in the jungle maybe you should consider riding an ATV (just kidding!). It was definitely a wonderful experience to ride such a beast of a machine, feeling the power whilst climbing uphill, the strength of its breaks going downhill, the jerks from rough terrains and the “eww” from crossing mud pools. The only downside was just as we all got comfortable with our ATV, the journey had come to an end; an extra 1 hour would’ve been more satisfying. Hence I’ll definitely be back for another round and a longer ride!

What to bring/wear?

  • You may want to wear long pants to protect against mosquitoes or even mud
  • Gloves for grip but not a necessity
  • Drinking water is provided
  • Change of clothes and towel if you want to shower
  • Camera, a helmet video camera would also be fun
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Snacks

Jo’s ratings (ratings are subjective and biased towards participant(s) experience)

  1. Accessibility: 9/10 (It’s easily accessible via car although it can be dangerous at points where there are only one lane)
  2. Difficulty: 3/10 (For this package it was a fun ride with little obstacles aside from the uphill climbs)
  3. Rewarding Experience: 6/10 (Great fun to learn how to ride and handle an ATV through the jungle, the waterfall was so-so)
  4. Overall Rating: 6/10 (This rating is based on the package I took and should not be used as an indicator to judge for the other packages offered) When I say that I’ll definitely be back, I meant it; therefore the only downside was the duration of the ride. As a whole it was exciting to try a motoring adventure and experience our first time riding an ATV.

Additional Information

Website link:

Making reservation is very efficient even through their online booking form. Do ensure that you book at least a week in advance.

Getting there

GPS Coordinates (Decimal Degrees): 3.215053 101.770563

  • From MRR2 Highway, turn left into Zoo Negara and you should be on Jalan Taman Zooview
  • Head straight all the way for 4.7km through small roads until you see ATV Adventure Park on your left
  • Park your car along the side of the road outside the centre

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